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the soul illumined

May 1, 2013

“Despite illness of body or mind, in spite of blinding despair or habitual belief, who you are is whole. Let nothing keep you separate from the truth. The soul, illumined from within, longs to be known for what it is. Undying, untouched by fire or the storms of life, there is a place inside where stillness and abiding peace reside. You can ride the breath to go there. Despite doubt or hopeless turns of mind, you are not broken. Spirit surrounds, embraces, fills you from the inside out. Release everything that isn't your true nature. What's left, the fullness, light and shadow, claim all that as your birthright.”   ~ Danna Faulds


The practice of yoga kept me longing for my truth.  As I dived deeper and deeper into my practice I found infinate love, I was not broken or lost; I was whole, I was home, I stepped into my light and I share it evey day with the world. There are times that I still doubt myself, old insecurities sneak in, however these yoga practices help me navigate into the fullness of my light.


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a love letter to Costa Rica

March 29, 2014

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