9am-10:15am Hot Flow w/Jenese

5:30pm - 6:30pm PiYo w/Bekah 

6:45pm - 8pm Nourishing Nectar Flow w/Jenese 


9:30am-10:45am Restorative w/Jenese


9:30am-10:45am Nectar Flow w/Zoe

6pm-7pm Nectar Flow w/Jenese 

7:15pm-8:15pm Deep Chill w/Jenese



7:30am-8:30am Morning Mudras w/Jenny

9:30am-10:45am Nectar Basics: Refine and Align w/Zoe 



9am-10:15am Nectar Flow w/Jenese

4:30pm-5:30pm- Happy Hips, Happy Heart, Happy Hour w/Jenese 



9:30am-10:45am Nectar Flow w/Jenese

11am-12:15pm Hot Flow Alternating w/Jenese



10am-11:30am Yin & Yang w/Jenese



Nectar Basics: Refine and Align

Is a back to basics Vinyasa style class for new students, or students that want to hone their practice and refine each pose. We’ll focus on alignment of each pose as we move through our asanas. 


Nectar Flow

Is the Loft's signature style- Inspired by tasting the sweetness in life. 'Nectar' in Greek & Roman Mythology is called the drink of the Gods. This class is highly pleasing to all of the senses. This is a Vinyasa style yoga class with an emphasis on creativity, attention to alignment, breath awareness, meditation and chanting to build strength, increase flexibility, calm the mind and open the heart. Ending in a deeply delicious savasana to calm the nervous system and replenish your soul.



A deeply nourishing class designed to release deep layers of tension stored in the physical and energetic body. A combination of props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, and sandbags) are used in poses held for 5 minutes or longer, allowing the nervous system to relax and cells to regenerate. Great for everyBODY and gentle enough for those recovering from injury or illness.


Yin Yoga
The essence of Yin Yoga is surrender. Yin Yoga is a practice of long-held poses that gently stretches the deep connective tissues of the body and also restores energy and calms the nervous system. These tissues house the meridians, or energy pathways in the subtle body and stretching these tissues not only restores joint mobility but accesses and encourages the "chi" or life force to flow freely. Postures held for longer periods give practitioners the opportunity to be soft, receptive, and still this will lead to a harmonious balance on and off the mat. The Yin practice is a wonderful complement to a more vigorous Yoga practice, running, cycling, or other more active pursuits.


Yin & Yang 

Yin/Yang Yoga combines a short, gentle flow. Each class begins with a series of held yin postures. While surrendering into postures for 3-5 minutes, practitioners are guided in the cultivation of observance, breath, and meditation, as they experience release of connective tissues and deeply held, stagnant energy. The practice concludes with a simple standing flow that allows students to integrate this newly-released energy, openness, and awareness into a sense of steadiness and alignment in more active standing postures and movement before returning to a deep, final relaxation. Suitable for all levels.


Hot Flow

Our ambient, state of the art, heated room enables your body to move deeper with precision, grace and strength (87-90 degrees). You'll be guided through a dynamic series of movements with attention to alignment to get your inner fire burning and leave you feeling empowered, refreshed, and radiant. This flow dissolves tension and cultivates a deep sense of well-being. Recommended for those with some experience in Yoga practice.


Roll & Restore

This class is held at a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles with our Yoga TuneUp Therapy Balls leaving you feel revitalized and renewed. Yoga props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters, and straps are often used for safe practice, allowing the body to fully achieve each position comfortably. This class is held at a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles leaving you feel revitalized and renewed.



Happy Hips, Happy Heart, Happy Hour

Like a delicious cocktail, we'll be mixing up different flavors and styles of yoga, starting out with some Yin, & gentle Restorative yoga to leave the stress of the week behind, but moving on into an uplifting practice (expect a little dancing) to launch your weekend the right way. You will leave refreshed, renewed and restored…a perfect start to the weekend.                


Yoga Privates

Tailored to your specific needs. Private instruction lets you work on what makes sense for you—

at your own pace, at a time that is convenient for you. Private Yoga instruction is a great way to begin, return to, or advance your Yoga experience!