It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for my friend and colleague  Jenese. As a holistic practitioner and friend I have had the opportunity to PLAY along side Jenese attending her classes as well in co creating many workshops over the past 10 years.
Jenese has an authentic loving presence that is immediately felt by anyone that meets her. Jenese takes great care and pride in holding a healing space for her clients and does it with sweetness, kindness and love. With all my heart and spirit I wish her much peace and joy for I know she is living her life Purpose and her gifts are available for all in her new beautiful Lotus Loft ....... Enjoy!!!

Fran Medina
Holistic Heath Nurse and Transformational Life Coach


I started taking yoga with Jenese when I was 240 pounds. I felt very awkward and embarrassed my first time and I could not do most of the things everyone else could do.

After my first few classes with Jenese, I learned to love my body the way it is and to be okay with who I am.  She taught me how to accept and love myself, and as my body lost weight, grew stronger and more flexible, my spirit did too.

Even if you think you are not the yoga type-yoga with Jenese is different…it’s fun and life affirming! She just has this light…and she passes it on to you!

Jodi Kane | Corporate Partnerships & Events Manager

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts