Jenese Martinez, E-Y.R.T Owner of the Lotus Yoga Loft, fell in love with Yoga after her first class. She witnessed Yogas ability to heal her heart, mind, & body and knew that eventually it would be her gift to share. Being a dance and fitness instructor for over 20 years has influenced her teaching as well as her love for art & music. Her teachings are passionate, soulful, inspiring, playful and infused with music that will move your soul. Jenese has completed two 200 hour certifications through The Bright Spirit teacher training in 2003 and Laughing Lotus NYC in 2011. In addition, Jenese completed a Yin training in Feb 2014, is a Certified Restorative Yoga teacher and is also an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. Jenese continues to deepen her studies in Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and anatomy. She has been inspired in her studies by Jillian Pransky, Judith Hanson Lasater, Dana Flynn, Elena Brower, & Shiva Rea. 

Zoe Mullhaupt completed her 200 hour Teacher Training at Happy Buddha Yoga in 2014, under the guidance of Kelly Kamm and Charlene Predmore, as well as continuing to train in workshops with teachers such as Tao Porchon-Lynch and Elena Brower.  She’s been practicing regularly for over 4 years, and is deeply devoted to it. She truly believes that yoga is for “every” body, and wants to share this in her classes. Having a background in dance, as well as teaching country line dance in the past, she loves the choreography of vinyasa and enjoys teaching in that style, as well as yin and restorative.As she’s learned while teaching young children, as well as raising her own three teenagers, everyone’s lives are constantly changing, and her yoga practice has helped her remain balanced and able to flow with the tides of life. She also credits her yoga practice with helping her get through a lengthy family crisis, and being able to handle difficult situations in a calm, peaceful and helpful way.  



Michaela Polulak is dedicated to teaching people how to integrate movement and mindful living with wholesome nutrition. She teaches a creative and powerful class where she strives to express yoga in its full form. She is also a holistic health practitioner and has her own health counseling business, Nourish by Michaela. She received her 200-hour certification and her aerial yoga certification from the Body Art Barn. Michaela is eager to learn more and is always building on her practice to share with others.

BeyondBarre was designed and developed by fitness trainer Colleen Ketchum.  Colleen’s passion to improve strength, mobility and function of bodies was evident in her opening and teaching for over 13 years at her Pilates In Motion Fitness Studio in Warwick, NY. Colleen’s life has always revolved around the form and function of the human body. She was a competitive gymnast through her teenage years and has a degree in biology, has occasionally preformed stunts for film and television and raises three boys while working on bringing the BeyondBarre Method to fitness centers and studios worldwide. Colleen created the BeyondBarre Method while working with clients.  Mixing ballet barre based foot, leg and core strengthening moves with arm toning exercises and cardio was a perfect compliment to the training she was working on with clients in Pilates classes.  And most importantly the workouts are FUN!  Colleen’s mission, through both Pilates and BeyondBarre, is to help clients improve their fitness, health and overall well-being. 

Helena Ottley has always been a fitness enthusiast and a big fan of BeyondBarre.
She started taking BeyondBarre classes at its inception with founder Colleen
Ketchum and loved it so much that she decided to get certified at the very
first BeyondBarre Teacher Training in 2010. Helena's ultimate goal is for
students who participate in BeyondBarre classes to reach unexpected fitness
levels in every session and have a great time doing it. Helena has also
completed a Balanced Body Core Reformer workshop in 2012; YogaFit Teacher
Training Program in New York and Yoga Workshop with Elena Brower at Kripalu
in 2014.